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LUTZ Drum and Container Pumps

LUTZ modular drum pumps are available in an extensive range of “pump tubes” and “motor head” configurations, with the design emphasis on simplified field maintenance procedures. The pumping of chemicals from carboys and drums meet OSHA standards while streamlining your process. The portability and modular design of Lutz pumps allows for quick and easy mounting of motor heads to pump tubes for ensuring purity of storage vessels and preventing cross-contamination between liquids. 

LUTZ pump configurations are available in various lengths, materials of construction, motor enclosures and power ratings for handling a wide range of chemicals, densities, viscosities at the required flows and heads within a given process by means of interchangeable impeller/rotor configurations. Whether the liquids are thin or extremely thick, the LUTZ design concept is to achieve light, convenient handling.

“Pump tube” materials of construction include PP, PVDF, AL, and 316-SS. The “motor head” designs are ODP, TEFC, UL-EXP and pneumatic (with or without locking triggers).