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Universal drum and laboratory pump

B-2 PP        Polypropylene 115 V or Rechargeable (cordless)

Universal Application

The Lutz B2 is an indispensible aid wherever liquids with a viscosity similar to that of water have to be filled, transferred, mixed or metered in small quantities, to or from drums, glass carboys, canisters and other vessels. Even narrownecked containers such as bottles or pistons present no problem. The rate of flow can be reduced or cut off as required. The "small but strong" B2 has proven highly successful in laboratories, chemical companies and chemists' shops. Versatile and inexpensive: The ideal starter model.

The Lutz B2 pump series

The Lutz B2 pump series is made up of four models, all of which are ideally suited to the universal requirements of laboratory application. Each is supplied as a complete appliance consisting of a drive motor with fixed pump tube in Polypropylene (PP) or Stainless Steel (316).



Wetted parts


Housing and rotor:




Mechanical seal:




Drive shaft:

HC-4 (2.4610)

Examples of liquids:

Water, Acids, Alkalis, Hydrazine, Galvanic Fluids, Phosphates, Sulphates, Nitrates etc.

Type of impeller:

axial-flow rotor (R)

Material: PP


From Pump only to complete totalizing system, for safe and accurate transfer.
  • Laboratory pump with hose connection
  • Set: 5' (1,5 m) PVC-hose, PP nozzle, 2 hose clips, discharge spout, wall bracket.