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EXAKT Flow Meters


For Corrosive Chemicals, Acids and Ultra-Pure Liquids
The Exakt rotameter was developed for metering the flow rate of a wide range of acids, caustics, corrosives, ultra-pure chemicals, D.I. water, solvents and other chemical process liquids. Exakt meters feature all non-metallic construction to maintain long-term accuracy. Corrosion-resistant thermoplastics eliminate costly maintenance associated with meters equipped with alloy components. Shatter-proof thermoplastic shells offer a safe alternative to fragile glass units which tend to etch in certain corrosive environments.

Exakt meters are available in a wide range of thermoplastics to meet specific chemical, pressure and temperature requirements. Standard meters are constructed of one-piece shell bodies in polysulfone, polyamide, or PVDF. The float is offered in stand PVDF, pure PVDF and 316-SS, depending upon specific design. All meters feature union style end connections in PVC, CPVC, 316-SS, Polypropylene (PP) or Pure PVDF (threaded, socket, spigot or flanged). Static sealing o-rings are in EPDM, Viton, or FEP. All meter shells are tested at 700 psi, with a rated working pressure of 150 psi at 68?F. Accuracy on all models is within 2% of full scale. High and low flow limit switches can be readily installed on shell guide rails, requiring optional magnetic floats for activation. For further information or application assistance, contact the factory of your local area distributor.

EXAKT Thermoplastic Rotameters: