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Pumps for extremely corrosive applications

SL-HC    Hastelloy C Seal-less Pump Tube


The robust Lutz pump tube is suitable for pumping nearly all kinds of liquids, whether extremely aggressive or flammable, clean or dirty, thin-bodied or slightly viscous out of drums and small or large containers

Structure and function (SL-HC)

Lutz pump tubes are immersible centrifugal pumps. The drive shaft of this pump is not sealed. The
bearing housing insert above the impeller is designed to prevent the pumped liquid from rising between the shaft and the inner tube. This insert guides the liquid which penetrates between the drive shaft and the shaft bearing back into the container being drained.


39", 47"
Special length on request.

The pump tube is "Zone 0" approved in combination with the original Lutz motors Silver Star / MD-1 /
MD-2 in accordance with standards for use in hazardous locations.


SL-HC (Sealless)

Wetted parts



HC-4 (2.4610)



Mechanical seal:



ETFE, Carbon

Drive shaft:

HC-4 (2.4610)

Examples of liquids:

Bromine, Chlorosulphonic Acid, Butylchloride, Chlorine Water and nearly all kinds of liquids

Type of impeller:

axial-flow rotor (R)

Material: ETFE

Motors available: