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Lutz MA II-3 12 Volt DC Drum Pump Motor


Universal motor 12 volt DC, power input 260 watt, bipolar on/off switch with single pole thermal overcurrent release T.E.F.C. splash-proof in accordance with protection class IP 54. Supplied with 10 ft. cord with alligator clips.
Not suitable for Hazardous Duty.

Operating Data

Quantity: up to 39.5 GPM
Delivery Head: up to 33 FT
Temp. of medium: up to 248°F
Viscosity up to 100 cps

Pump Tubes

For the various applications, pump tubes are available in polypropylene (PP), polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF), aluminum alloy (Alu), stainless steel 316 and hastelloy C (HC).
Weight (motor and pump tube) approx. 12.8 to 17.5 lbs.