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Lutz 4/GT 220 Watt Compressed Air Motor

Air-Driven Motor for non-Hazardous Duty


Compressed-air driven motor with a power output of approx. 220 watt at 87 PSI operating pressure and a speed of 6900 RPM, air consumption approx. 14 CFM.
Not suitable for Hazardous Duty.


Compressed-air drive drum and container pumps for thin-bodied, neutral, aggressive and non-flammable liquids.

Operating Data

Quantity: up to 41.5 GPM
Delivery Head: up to 43 FT
Temp. of medium: up to 248°F
Viscosity up to 900 cps

Examples of Liquids Pumped

Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, formic acid, boric acid, chromic acid, caustic soda solution, ammonium chloride, soap solutions etc.

Pump Tubes

For the various applications, pump tubes are available in polypropylene (PP), polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF), aluminium alloy (Alu), stainless steel 316 and hastelloy C (HC).
Weight (motor and pump tube) approx. 4.9 to 10.2 lbs.