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WARCO Chemtrex™ Absolute Rated Filter Elements
WARCO Chemtrex™ high performance pleated filter elements are certified and tested in accordance with BETA 5000 standards for
meeting the most demanding process requirements. BETA 5000 test standards are based upon single pass particle retention at
an efficiency of 99.98% (available ratings include 0.45 to 120 micron levels) Competitive nominally rated filter media
(e.g., cartridges, elements, bags, discs, etc.), and corresponding filter designs have efficiency levels of 50-70%. Unpredictable
filtration methods that by-pass 30-50% of a target particles will compromise your process with unpredictable and unwanted contaminants.

Lab Testing
Lab testing is available for sampling filter elements (i.e., free of hazardous materials) to quantify efficiency levels for matching
and/or exceeding current process filtration levels.

WARCO FILTERS™ Built in Robust Thermoplastic or Heavy Duty Metallic Designs
Featuring Absolute Rated Filter Elements

WARCO thermoplastic and metallic filtration vessels are available for beta site testing to verify liquid purity levels within your
specific process conditions. WARCO absolute rated filter designs encompass a wide range of media configurations including
high capacity pleated elements, and SOE or DOE pleated cartridges, and horizontal disc.

WARCO FILTERS™ Carbon Treatment Vessels & Systems
Equipped with Absolute Rated Polishing Elements

WARCO granular carbon treatment systems employ a rechargeable granular carbon canister with integral absolute rated pleated
polishing filter to circumvent by-passing of carbon particles.

Guaranteed Performance
WARCO filtration vessels and systems are supplied with guaranteed performance for all approved applications.