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Pipeline Pigging Vessels

The solids generated in pipeline pigging can overwhelm standard filter systems. The slug of solids in front of a pig can cause rapid filter plugging and filter failure. Standard filter systems will require numerous change outs, often in a short period of time. WARCO filter systems are a leader in pipeline pigging filtration. A 24” diameter WARCO vessel with 80” filters and can flow over 4,900 gpm ( 7,000 bl/hr ) in LPG and can remove a slug of solids exceeding 300 lbs. The result is less filters required. Filter change outs are also faster when using WARCO vessels. Each vessel is equipped with a quick opening closure which is safe and easy to operate. WARCO filter cartridges are easily installed and have a zero bypass seal. There are no seal nuts or springs required. Solids are trapped inside WARCO filter cartridges and not jarred loose during operation or liquid evacuation. The result is a cleaner vessel interior and a reduced need to wash the vessel between change-outs. Quick Opening Closure Horizontal vessels for 60” & 80” length filters WARCO also offers economical single element vessels for less flow rates. Both horizontal and vertical vessels are available. An 8” diameter WARCO vessel containing a single 80” filter can handle up to 500 gpm flow and match the solids holding of a larger 24” diameter vessel with standard 40” depth filters. Single element vessels, 304L SS, 275 psig