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Complete drainage of highly toxic, expensive and sensitive liquids

RE-88 SS    Stainless Steel Complete Drainage Pump Tube


The pump tube RE-88 PP and RE-88 SS is designed to be used where drums or other containers have to be completely drained. The relatively small pump tube diameter of
41 mm also makes the unit ideal for use in narrow-necked containers or in drums with a 2" bunghole. The pump tube is non-lubricated, thus preventing contamination of the liquids pumped.

Structure and function

Lutz pump tubes are immersible centrifugal pumps. The drive shaft of this pump is sealed by a single-acting mechanical seal (MS) above the impeller, making a robust sealing system. The pump tube must not be allowed to run dry.


27", 39", 47"
Special length on request.

The pump tube is "Zone 0" approved in combination with the original Lutz motors Silver Star / MD-1 / MD-2 in accordance with standards for use in hazardous locations.


RE-88 SS (Mechanical Seal)

Wetted parts



Stainless Steel (316)


FEP coated

Mechanical seal:

Carbon, Ceramic, PTFE, HC-4 (2.4610)



Drive shaft:

Stainless Steel (316)

Examples of liquids:

Petrol, Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil, thin-bodied Oils, Solvents, Chlorine Carbon Hydrogens, Alcohols, Amines, Benzoles, Phenoles etc.

Type of impeller:

radial-flow impeller (L)

Material: ETFE

Motors available: