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LUTZ Flow Meter TS Series

Application: Drumpump/Plant construction
Principle: Nutating disc
Materials: PPO, PPS, SS
Range: up to 120 l/min
Pressure: up to 10 bar
Viscosity: up to 5.000 mPas
For thin bodied fluids.

The modular solution:

In order to make this additional outlay as rational, inexpensive and comfortable as possible for professional liquid management, Lutz has developed a complete range of instruments:

Lutz flow meter TS
- a modular electronic flow meter system which offers a convincing package of advantages from the use of a mobile drum pump to the stationary in-line function.

  • For thin-bodied to medium viscous liquids
  • Measurement by nutating disc technology
  • Ex-protected models with certification according
    to Atex 110a
  • Available in PPO, PPS or Stainless Steel
  • Optionally with or without volume pre-selection
  • Convenient, user-friendly display with numeric keypad
  • System protection through failure detection
  • Unmistakeable plug-type connectors ensure easy