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Barrel emptying system for transferring high viscosity, pasty products and other sensitive applications

Features and benefits:

  • allowing the transfer of high viscosity, pasty, non-flowing products,
  • like for example grease, ointment, paste, silicon, paint and varnishes,etc.
  • especially designed for use with 200-Litre-Barrels
  • smooth pumping by using gentle, progressive cavity pumping technology
  • compact construction with lifting handles for easy portability and quick assembly
  • fast strip down for cleaning or sterilization
  • flexible lip seal with tight fit to the inside of the barrel ensures an optimum barrel emptying
  • drive motors: three-phase or air motors in differing kW-ratings and speeds

Frame-mounted total package including:

  • guide cylinder with follower plate in stainless steel and clamp connection to the pump
  • flexible lip seal customized for barrel diameter
  • two hydraulic rams in aluminum for lifting the pump and follower plate after barrel emptying
  • pneumatic control unit for rams
Performance data
Delivery rate max. 40 l/min
The delivery rate depends on the velocity of the fluid.